Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019 Pre-Professionals Registration
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Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019 Professionals Pre-Registration


The professional registration of Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019 provides Street Arts professionals of Korea and overseas and artist who visited the festival, feature program information and encourages active networking among the professionals.


Registration period Sept 17(Tue)~Sept 29(Sun) 17:00


Registered To : The persons & officials related in street arts/festivals



- Using the Festival Lounge

- Professionals Program Participation

- Offering Professional package and Professionals list of Seoul Street Arts Festival

The list will only be sent to pre-registered professionals. The list will not be sent after the festival.


- We will send you an e-mail confirmation in a week. All the professional programs are only for people who submit an application and receive the e-mail confirmation.

- Pre-registration online until September 29 (Sunday). If you miss this period, you can do it in the Artist Lounge (Seoul Plaza).


Registration :


Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019

TEL. +82 2 758 2057 / E-MAIL.


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