The Other Side

Gamblerz Crew

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 18:30 40min ⒶCheonggye Plaza, Cheonggyecheon Add
10월 04일(금) 18:30 40min ⒶCheonggye Plaza, Cheonggyecheon Add

About Program

The other side of our life, rolling and turning on the floor
”Doesn't it hurt?” ”How much do you make?” ”How long are you going to do this?” ”Are you on TV?” ”Is that a dance?” We are asked many questions like these. Why do we dance? We keep dancing even though we have a lot of problems, such as frequent injuries, financial problems, and worries about the future. Behind the splendid scenes of B-boying, where we are kicking, rolling, spinning, and flying around to the music, there is a reason why we dance.

About Team

Seoul Metropolitan B-boy ’Gamblerz crew’ is the representative group of Seoul city and it is the only B-boy group in Korea to win
two times in the biggest competition ”Battle of the year” held in Germany. Gamblerz crew is a team composed of world-class B-boy dancers, who have won the world championship in about 50 competitions over the 18 years since their establishment. Currently, the group is expanding its activities by creating new movements through collaboration with various genres as well as B-boying.


Producer_ Junhak Lee
Manager_ Jihwan Kim, Youngho Oh
Directing/Joint Production_ Still, Hound, Noodle
Joint Creation/Performer_ Still, Hound, Noodle, Kill, Leap, Lil mon, Nesco, Yell, Gog

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