Modus Vivendi

Circus Pumping UP 2019

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 14:00 90min ⒺIn front of City Hall, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 04일(금) 14:00 90min ⒺIn front of City Hall, Seoul Plaza Add

About Program

A circus performed with a single audience, Could it also be a circus?
One man with his eyes closed and another man who guides him walk in the middle of Seoul. Neither a walk nor pilgrimage, they seem to wander around the city like floating ghosts. For a moment, incomplete coexistence is formed between them. The work was conceived by the Latin word ”Modus Vivendi” meaning ”a provisional agreement between people with different views.” and the motivation for this work is an experimental performance for five performers who are thinking about a new circus and five audiences who accompany them.

* 본 작품은 고정형 공연과 이동형 공연으로 구성됩니다. 이동형 공연 진행 시 사전예약으로 5명의 시민에게 체험 기회를 제공합니다.

About Team

The Seoul Culture Foundation's
Seoul Street Arts Creation Center operates the ‘Circus Pumping UP’ program, which deepens the entire process of education, research, and production to foster promising artists in contemporary circus. Eunra Kang, Namjae Seo, Yeeun Eum, Taeyoon Won and Jaeheon Lim were selected as finalists after the audition conducted earlier this year(2019).


Production_ Seoul Street Arts Creation Center(SSACC)
Performer_ Eunra Kang, Namjae Seo, Yeeun Eum, Taeyoon Won, Jaeheon Lim
Director_ Janghyun Ryu
Training Coach/Sub Director_ Jaesub Kim
Dramaturg_ Haewon Yum
Technical Director_ Sunghee Yu
Sub Technical Director_ Jiyeon Kim
Record_ Melié Won
Producer_ Katie Lim

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