Korean Intangible Heritage Education Dev

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 14:30 40min ⒹThe Seoul Shinmun Add
10월 04일(금) 19:30 40min ⒹThe Seoul Shinmun Add

About Program

This is Chosun Circus that contains all kinds of traditional performing arts!!
A ’Sotdae’, a traditional pole signifying prayer for a good harvest is towering high in the sky. On top of that, a colorful and edgy performance of ’Ssangjul(Double tightrope)’ unfolds that may scare the life of viewers. The audience may not be able to take their eyes off various performing arts such as ’Bunah Nori’, ’Jukbangul Nori(Diabolo)’, ’Yeoldubal Nori(Spinning the hat with long line)’ and ’Obangsajachum(liondance)’. All kinds of performing arts of Chosun dynasty have gathered here. This is the one and only Chosun circus!

About Team

Korean Institute for Intangible Cultural Heritage Education, was founded in 2018 to restore and revitalize traditional arts as well
as developing educational programs. They restored Sotdaejaengi Nori and demonstrating Ssangjulbaek in 2017.


Producer_ Kunsu Yang
Performer_ Jaehyun Kim ,Jungbeom Ahn, Gyohui Kwon, Huckju Kwon, Dongyoon Kim, Hyedong Kim, Giljoong Yoon, Yoon Hyunjun, Dongjun Lee, Jingyu Lee, Wonseop Kim, Jeawoo Beak, Minhyeok Jeong, Gwanghyun Go, Jong hyeok Ahn, Bogeun Choi, Yongseop Han, Hun Lee, Yong-gi Bae, Bonghyeon Gang
Staff_ Gangseok Seo, Jisu Kim, Ingap Oh

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