Monk Mansuk Nori(Play)

Bongsan Mask Dance-Drama Preservation So

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 18:00 40min ⒹThe Seoul Shinmun Add
10월 04일(금) 13:00 40min ⒹThe Seoul Shinmun Add

About Program

Monk, Monk, Monk the apostate!
The dynamic dancing scene of blue lions and tigers enhances the atmosphere of the venue, while a merchant and monkeys appear to amplify the fun of the entertainment! The performance is further heated by a satirical scene of a monk Mansuk and Chibari. They creating a scene of satire and tension. The performance, which is made by the performers and visitors, forms the ’Nan-jang’, that relaxes and connects with life.

About Team

The Bongsan ’Tal chum(Korea Mask Dance)’ has been designated as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 17 on June 16, 1967. Conservation Society established the Bongsan Tal-chum(Korea Mask Dance) Theater Research Association in 1958, and has held 72 regular performances to since then.


Director_ Jongyop Kim
Performer_ Yongil Chang, Sangwoon Park, Jonghae Kim, Eunjoo Kim, Wonmuk Park, Yoonsik Jung ,Eunsoon Lee, Juhyun Cho, Gyeyun Chang, Wonjung Yun, Jeongwoon Choi, Mingi Choi, Jeongdong Lee, Hayeon Kim
Accompanist_ Gwangjun Kim, Seokman Yun, Yongha Kim, Aera Jo
Staff_ Sungbeen Kim(sound), Sumi Choi(stage progression)

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