White Cube Project

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 05일(토) 17:30 50min ⒺSeoul Citizen Hall, Seoul City Hall Add
10월 06일(일) 17:30 50min ⒺSeoul Citizen Hall, Seoul City Hall Add

About Program

The eager struggle for the three men's SIGNAL
'SIGNAL' is based on the motif of “The Pipe Man”. The flock of rats going into the river following the sound of the pipe, and the children disappearing by the sound of the pipe seem to resemble us who are sensitive to trends and losing our identity while following the latest trend. We are exposed to numerous signals and optionally accept signals. but We must know what we choose and follow. Signal is a story about a group action that has lost its awareness in various signals and it reminds ourselves of what is important.

▶ Promenade Theatre

*Selected work for the Seoul Dance Center's 2018 Prospective Arts Support
*Technical Support_ Project NALDA

About Team

’White Cube Project’ is an organization that strives and challenges the audience to forget all negatives and
create opportunities and momentum for a new beginning. In order to communicate with the audience, the group creates various interesting performance contents by absorbing, transforming and reconstructing a wide variety of elements such as dance, acting, sound, light, structure, and circus. They perform many different types of performances utilizing theater and specific spaces in both indoor and outdoor.


Choreography Director_ Sungtae Jung
Performer_ Sungtaek Jeong, Sunhyuk Kim, Sungtae Jung
Music Director_ Ilho Jang
Stage Technical Manager_ Sunglul Park
Stage Production_ Tormenter, Youngho Kim, Seowoo Choi
Stage Design_ Taehun Oh
PR Materials Design_ Hyuna Shin
WCP Manager_ Juyong Shim

​*Selected work for seoul Dance Center's 2018 Prospective Arts Support
 Technical Suppor_ Project NALDA

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