Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 19:30 60min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 04일(금) 19:30 60min ⒺDeoksugung Stone-Wall Road Add

About Program

A mobile performance that invites you to a strange planet
with the surreal costume and music

We don’t really need that much for a long journey. ’s costume looks futuristic and reminds of spacesuits. Changing lights from all over their bodies, floating movements, and surreal music recreate our planet to another planet somewhere in the universe.

▶ Promenade Theatre

About Team

Passionate about performing arts, our professional team ’Astrobulles’ maintains an impeccable artistic quality to surprise, amaze and dazzle your audience. Our objective is to create something new and wonderful in harmony with the concept, the ideas and needs of our clients. "Imagination makes the world even more beautiful! We are there to realize your dream."


Performer_ Timea Illés, Barbara Ivanics, Timea Laza, Nicolas Vitale
Stage Manager_ Jean-Michel Raynal
Technician_ Jean-Loup Manassero
Choreographer_ Timea Laza
Productions_ JIMYPROD

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