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    KompleX KapharnaüM

    A story of peace flows into an daily street


    10.01(월) 20:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.02(화) 21:20 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.03(수) 21:20 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.04(목) 21:20 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.05(금) 21:20 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.06(토) 21:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.07(일) 20:20 Seoul Metropolitan library

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    Human Net

    La Fura dels Baus

    Thrilling movements that covering up the sky in Seoul!


    10.04(목) 20:30 Seoul Plaza
    10.05(금) 20:30 Seoul Plaza

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    The Song of the Sirens – Musical Siestas

    Mécanique Vivante

    Discover the astonishing and unique musical Siren Orchestra


    10.06(토) 18:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.06(토) 19:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.06(토) 20:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.06(토) 21:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.07(일) 18:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.07(일) 19:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.07(일) 20:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)
    10.07(일) 21:00 Namsangol Hanok Village (Time Capsule square)

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    Zapach czasu

    Teatr KTO

    The street theatre inspired by director’s childhood and the work of ‘Marquez’


    10.04(목) 21:10 Gwanghwamun Square(North)
    10.05(금) 21:10 Gwanghwamun Square(North)

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    Nofit State & Motionhouse

    What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another?


    10.05(금) 14:00 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
    10.05(금) 19:00 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
    10.06(토) 14:00 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
    10.06(토) 19:30 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)

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    Sur Mesure

    Cheerful diving into the giant trampoline


    10.04(목) 15:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.04(목) 18:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.05(금) 15:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.05(금) 18:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.06(토) 15:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.06(토) 19:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.07(일) 15:00 Seoul Metropolitan library
    10.07(일) 19:00 Seoul Metropolitan library

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    La Fin Demain

    Zirkus Morsa

    A call for complicity and simplicity


    10.04(목) 13:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 19:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 13:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 18:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 13:00 In front of City Hall
    10.06(토) 16:00 In front of City Hall
    10.07(일) 13:00 Sejong-daero
    10.07(일) 17:00 Sejong-daero

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    Parfait état de Marche

    1 Watt

    The walkway that one man get inspired who runs away from home and composure


    10.04(목) 14:00 Mugyo-ro
    10.04(목) 17:00 Mugyo-ro
    10.05(금) 14:00 Mugyo-ro
    10.05(금) 17:00 Mugyo-ro
    10.06(토) 12:00 Cheonggyecheon-ro
    10.06(토) 15:00 Cheonggyecheon-ro
    10.07(일) 14:00 Cheonggyecheon-ro
    10.07(일) 17:00 Cheonggyecheon-ro

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    C'est pas là, c'est par là

    Compagnie Galmae

    ​Can the empty space we make (re)-create 'us' ?


    10.06(토) 21:00 Gwanghwamun Square(North)
    10.07(일) 20:00 Gwanghwamun Square(North)

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    Avion Papier

    Collectif La Méandre

    A cosy little world of animated pictures and live music


    10.04(목) 14:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 14:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 15:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 15:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 17:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 18:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.04(목) 18:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 13:40 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 14:40 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 15:10 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 15:40 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 16:40 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 17:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.05(금) 18:40 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 13:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 14:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 14:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 15:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 17:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 17:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.06(토) 18:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 13:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 14:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 15:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 15:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 16:00 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 17:30 Cheonggye Plaza
    10.07(일) 18:00 Cheonggye Plaza

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