Nofit State & Motionhouse

Date Time Lead time Place Map
10월 05일(금) 14:00 30 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
10월 05일(금) 19:00 30 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
10월 06일(토) 14:00 30 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)
10월 06일(토) 19:30 30 Gwanghwamun Square(Central)


What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another?

NoFit State’ and ‘Motionhouse’ bring together their unique styles in , a powerful fusion of dance and circus that pushes the limits of both art forms. With its daring physicality, split-second timing and thrilling feats, BLOCK leaves audiences gasping. Twenty oversized blocks are deconstructed and reformed for the performers to play on, move with and explore. is about life in the city; its contradictions and challenges.

About Team

‘NoFit State’ is the UK’s leading large-scale contemporary circus company, producing professional touring productions and a wide variety of community, training, and education projects for people of all ages. Over the last ten years NoFit State's touring productions have visited 19 different countries, played to audiences of over 460,000, as well as receiving critical acclaim and winning numerous prestigious international arts awards.

‘Motion House’ is founded in 1988 by Louise Richards and Kevin Finnan MBE, they create world class dance-circus productions that tour extensively to rave reviews across the globe. From full-length productions for theatre touring to flexible work for the outdoors and large-scale performance events, our sell-out productions integrate athletic physicality, powerful narrative, incredible digital imagery and emotive sound scores.


Director_ Kevin Finnan, Paul Evans
Performer_ Andrew Davies, Onyemachi Ejimofor, Rosie Macari, Joel Pradas Reguill, Giorgia Setaro, Lee Tinnion, Laksmi Arco Valnei

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