On the way to Cemetery

Teatro del Silencio

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 05일(토) 17:00 50min ⒶUpper Cheonggyecheon-ro, Cheonggyecheon Add
10월 06일(일) 17:00 50min ⒶUpper Cheonggyecheon-ro, Cheonggyecheon Add

About Program

Promenade performace that travels through the city from birth to death'
'On the way to Cemetery' is a surrealist story, an existential journey through the city, inspired by the universe of Samuel Beckett and the poetic text ”Beckett and Godot” by Chilean wright Juan Radrigán. A theatrical parade where ”theatre graphics” in motion, interpreted by the inhabitants, cross paths with circus and captivating music, taking us from the cradle to the grave. A performance about the madness of humanity, the dizziness of his inability to communicate, the nonsense of our existence.

▶ Promenade Theatre

About Team

Teatro del Silencio Company was founded by Mauricio  Celedon, in 1989, in Santiago, Chile, seeks a form of universal expression, beyond words, which realize the merge of the performing arts. A theatrical language of emotion, gesture, circus, and music, with the determination to create a theatrical language accessible to all, allied to a reflection on our time. 


General/Artistic Direction_ Mauricio Celedón
Musical Direction_ Jorge Martínez Flores
Musical Composition_ Jorge Martinez Flores, La Reine Mab
Costumes Creation_ Claudia Verdejo
Costumes Students_ Viollaine Sala, Marie-Lou Monnot
Scenography_ Mauricio Celedon, Panxo Jimenez, Marcelo Pizarro
Chief Onstructor_ Panxo Jimenez
Constructors_ Clément Dreyfus, Panxo Jimenez, Stéphane Najma
Scenography Assistant_ Christopher Lange
Performers(Actors/Circassians)_ Belen Celedon Moraga, Guillermina Celedon, Luigi de Maglie, Francesca Domenichini, Luis Hormazabal, Panxo Jimenez, Claire Joinet, Julie Jourdes, Dmitri Rekatchevski, Laure Sinic, Antonia Vasilakou, Claudia Verdejo, Fleur Jansen, Gigjs van den Arend
Musicians_ Jean-Paul Beirieu, Julie Biereye, Mathieu Duchier, Samuel Monce
Technical Direction/Pyrotechnics_ Stéphane Najma
Aerials_ Michel Arias
Sound_ Francisco Araya
Technicians_ Michel Arias, Clément Dreyfus
Coordination-Production_ Fanny Enjalbert-Mathilde Daviot
Gestion-Administration_ Marie Graindorge-Art Rythm Ethic
Korean Performers_
Daejin University students - JiYeon Kang, youmi Kim, junhyeong Kim, HaeSung Noh, SeoHyun Park, YuJin Park, Jiyoung Park, SangMin Baek, SangWoo Seo, juhyeong Song, MidEum Yang, HyunJong Oh, MinJu Yun, SeHee Lee, JaeWoong Lee, JongMin Lee, HaeSung Lee, YoungJin Jeon, YeSeul Jo, WonJu Choi, TaeIn Ha, HyeJu Han, SangJin Heo, GaIn Hwang, YunJi Hwang,  
The Pure Mirror - Sucleen Kwon, Hasung Kong, Chunsik Kong, Seokhyun Yim, Jin Heo

*Supported_ Regional Council of Ile-de-France «Support to creation for Street theatre – 2016», French Ministry of Culture and Communication - General Direction of Artistic Creation / DGCA - «Support to street theatre residence and production – 2017». DRAC Ile-de-France, ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, French Institute in Algeria, Chilean National Council for Culture and Arts -CNCA, Chilean Embassy in Algeria.
*Residences/Coproductions_ L’Atelier 231-CNAREP de Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Le Parapluie - Centre International de Création Artistique d’Aurillac, Les Ateliers Frappaz - CNAREP de Villeurbanne, Le Moulin Fondu - CNAREP de Noisy-le-Sec.

*Residences_ La Parole Errante Montreuil, Festival International de Théâtre de Bejaïa in Algeria, Temporary artistic venues SNCF - Paris 18e.
*Production_ Teatro del Silencio

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