Les Hommes penchés

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 04일(금) 15:00 55min ⒺIn front of City Hall, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 05일(토) 15:00 55min ⒺIn front of City Hall, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 06일(일) 14:00 55min ⒺIn front of City Hall, Seoul Plaza Add

About Program

 Changed schedule

10. 3. 15:00  ▶  10. 4. 15:00

Circus in search of balance in instability
A figure: that of a man trying to lift himself, reminding us of the great comics, for whom, as in a circus, the
intense risk is a requirement. Hung on an almost invisible iron wire, the pole becomes unstable. To make up for this instability, the acrobat has to work hard to find his stability and becomes an anchor point. That is from fragility and limits of the human condition that he uses all his power. It is not about telling a story or even reflecting about instability, it’s about action.

About Team

Writer, actor, director and photographer, Christophe Huysman founded in 1995 the company ‘Les Hommes
penchés’. Les Hommes pencés, which means a leaning man, talks about the way we live and the longing in
everything that makes us angry and happy. They exist as echoes of the worries of this era and the direction of life.


Original Idea/Interpretation_ Nicolas Fraiseau

Director_ Christophe Huysman

Artistic Collaborators_ Mads Rosebeck, Maël Tebibi

Light Designer_ Eric Fassa

Sound Designer_ Robert Benz

Set Designer_ Nicolas Fraiseau, Christophe Huysman , Sylvain Fertard

Costumes_ Mélinda Mouslim

Set builders_ Sylvain Fertard et Michel Tardif

Technical manager_ Robert Benz 
Production_ Christine Tiana

Assistant tour manager_ Manon Cardineau

Production_ Les Hommes penchés


*Supported by_ DRAC Ile-de-France, Région Ile-de-France, SACD/dispositif Processus cirque
*Writing/Production Supported by_ Association Beaumarchais SACD
*Support/Creative Residency_ Espace Périphérique/Mairie de Paris-Parc de la Villette, Latitude 50 - Pôle Arts du cirque et de la rue, Les Arènes de Nanterre - Lieu de fabrique, Mimulus, Cirk’Eole, Académie Fratellini


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