cie. Willi Dorner

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 15:00 75min Ⓕa front yard, Seoul Museum of Art Add
10월 05일(토) 14:00 75min Ⓕa front yard, Seoul Museum of Art Add

About Program

Urban street dance that travels past and present

'every-one' draws a parallel between the time oft he 1920s and our own, which has also passed through rapid developments and changes and still has many in front of it. 1920’s dance reflects the developments named above with aesthetic forms of appearances such as revue dance or the girl dance troupes with their synchronized formation dances. The dancers with their uniform bodies become a symbol of the new collective being. Rows and lines determine the choreographies’ processes. The eight dancers bring the audience to a place in the city, both past time and the present city.

▶ Promenade Theatre

About Team

’Cie. Willi Dorner’, based in Vienna/Austria was founded by Willi Dorner in 1999. Besides his internationally touring dance performances, Willi Dorner is keen on creating events that give the audience the opportunity for new experiences, insights and a different perception of every day life. His interdisciplinary works are developed in cooperation with artists and scientists of different fields.


Concept/Choreography_ Willi Dorner
Performer_ Britt Kamper, Hugo Le Brigand, Emily Mézières, Christelle Nazarin, Raquel Odena, Stève Paulet, Esther Steinkogler, Luan de Lima da Silva
Costumes/Probs_ Katharina Heistinger
Costumes/Props Assistant_ Alba Marie Rastl
Production_ Roma Janus
Production Assistant_ Emanuela Panucci
Photo_ Lisa Rastl

*Co–Production_ Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof/Neerpelt (BE), La Strada, Graz (A), Lieux publics, Centre national de création, Marseille (F), Festspielhaus St. Pölten, St. pölten (A)
*Support_ La Briquterie, Vitry – sur – Seine (F), Paris.
*Funded by_ The Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.
*Production_ IN SITU network(META project)
*Supported by_ European Commission(DGEAC–Culture programme), Austrian Embassy Seoul, Federal Chancellery Austria.


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