Between Us

Seo Hae Young

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 13:00 240min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 04일(금) 13:00 240min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 05일(토) 13:00 240min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 06일(일) 13:00 180min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add

About Program

Can we close the gap between us?
There are various gaps between people, space, and thoughts. The gaps created by the differences between
them sometimes create diversity and sometimes cause discrimination and conflict. As the space of such difference, the work that shows the appearance of Seoul and the dynamics of the gap is carried out at the Seoul Plaza. Visitors participate and fill the walls together in a weaving manner called tapestry.

About Team

In order to escape from the traditional, result-oriented work of traditional sculptures, ’Haeyoung Seo’ attempts a process-oriented sculpture that reflects the artist's physical condition or life experience. This is a question about how to live as a woman and as a sculptor in the present, and experiment with the limitations and possibilities of traditional genres and media. Beginning with the “Sculpture on the Mountain”, exhibition at the Kim Jong Young Museum in 2014, she has been actively carrying out various exhibitions and educational activities.


Artist_ Haeyoung Seo
Tapestry Technical Assistant_ Jiyoung Yang, Youngdeck Han
Pre-work Assistant_ Aju Kim, Juyeong Park, Chaeyun Song, Jinsil Yoo, Seojin Choi, Seohee Choi, Sunghee Heo, Seojung Park, Seohyeon Hwang
Installation Assistant_ Inseung Lee, Jinwook Jung

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