Conflict Tourism

Urban Art × Conflict Tourism

Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 10:00 10h ⒺCity Hall Station Exit 5 Add
10월 04일(금) 10:00 10h ⒺCity Hall Station Exit 5 Add
10월 05일(토) 10:00 10h ⒺCity Hall Station Exit 5 Add
10월 06일(일) 10:00 10h ⒺCity Hall Station Exit 5 Add

About Program

DMZ, The exploration between broken desires
The DMZ, where the deep wounds of the Korean Peninsula War are covered with nature. The scars left by the gunfire have left the land where no one can enter or live, and over the past 70 years civilian access has been controlled which eventually led to the restoration of the world's largest temperate primeval forest. Conflict tourism reinterprets the DMZ area, which has been seen as a security tour, in the form of dark tourism. While making a pilgrimage to a sad place that includes the scars of war near the Military Demarcation Line and the history of the post-war division, it finds a gap between two opposing concepts: ”human” and ”nature”, ”war” and ”scandal.”

▶ Pre-reservation
▶ Promenade Theatre

About Team

‘Urban Art’ is a cultural and arts organization that produces and plans performances, designs, and exhibitions based on the unique characteristics of the city and everyday life. ‘Conflict Tourism’ is a project to develop travel product with the theme of ’confrontation’. Artists and planners from various fields gather to discover the historical, geographical and cultural oppositions of Korea and they aim to share them throughout the trip.


Producer_ Singloud Lee
Director_ Geunsung Chun 
Programer_ Eunyoung Heo Performer_ Sangsik Sung, Junhyeong Kim 
Illustrator_ Kuk Lee
Photographer_ Hyang Lee
Sound_ Byungseo Yoo



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