Meeting Point


Date Time Lead time Place Map My Festival
10월 03일(목) 14:00 15min ⒶMojeon Bridge, Cheonggyechoen Add
10월 04일(금) 14:30 15min ⒺLawn Plaza, Seoul Plaza Add
10월 05일(토) 14:00 15min ⒶMojeon Bridge, Cheonggyechoen Add

About Program

A moment when destiny and coincidence, time and space are crossing
Two guys - both from Brazil but from cities far apart–had to travel 8,000km across “the puddle” and to
wait several more years, before meeting for the first time on the opposite side of the planet and discovering
all that they had in common. 'Meeting Point' talks about the places where we meet; about the ’puddles’
we have to cross and about the time we have to wait to make that happen.

About Team

‘ERTZA’ was created by the dancer and choreographer Asier Zabaleta(Ezkio, Gipuzkoa 1.972) in 2004, with the
aim of finding a new space in which different artistic disciplines could work together through contemporary
dance. ERTZA productions question human and societal contradictions, reaching different audiences with
productions for stage and public spaces.


Director_ Asier Zabaleta
Dancer_ Thiago Luiz Almeida, Caio Henrique de Souza
Choreographer_ Asier Zabaleta(with the collaboration of the dancers)
Music_ Bosques de mi mente.

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