In the street where we have passed by,
a new artistic experience can be found.

Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019

The Seoul Street Arts Festival turns a daily space into a stage
while demolishing the boundaries between the audience and performers.

It is the street arts festival that brings the city, people and art together
based on the citizens’ involvement.

The festival is widely open to people of all age and gender
and it will be a great chance to find new attractions of the familiar city space
while moving through the every street corner.

Cherished moments from the festival
will become our memory as well as the story of ‘Seoul’.

This autumn, Seoul Street Arts Festival 2019 invites you to
the city filled with stories and colors by the street arts.

Dates 3 Oct – 6 Oct 2019
Venues Square (Seoul Plaza, Chenggye Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square)
Street (Cheonggyecheon-ro, Sejong-daero, Mugyo-ro)
Donuimun Open Creative Village,
The Seoul Shinmun(Seoul-madang), Seoul citizens Hall
Organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government, The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC)
Operated by The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC)