Affiliate Program

'Affiliate program'is the program that is expected to be planned with a group of leading organizations to make the festival even more abundant.

A variety of program is waiting for you including installation art, experience activity and more which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and gender.

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    Street Arts Exhibition Tour

    Seoul Street Arts Creation Center

    A New Way to Cnjoy Street Arts!


    10.05(목) 12:00-21:00 Seoul Plaza
    10.06(금) 12:00-21:00 Seoul Plaza
    10.07(토) 12:00-21:00 Seoul Plaza
    10.08(일) 12:00-21:00 Seoul Plaza

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    Mukyo Terrace

    Reborn Mukyo Street, Meet the Street Art!

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    Performance for My Dear Love

    Hero Dance School

    Let's meet May of 1980 in Gwangju!


    10.08(일) 16:00 Cheonggye Plaza

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