Professional Program


Seoul Street Arts Festival provides an in-depth approach to festival's programs through the professional program aimed at street arts professionals.

Special benefits, such as Festival Forum that marks the kick off of the festival, Festival Lounge - an oasis in the heart of festival, Round Table, and Networking party with Korean and international street arts delegates are prepared for you.

Academic and Workshop Program

1 Street Arts Seminar

Subject: Looking into Korean Street Arts
Street arts seminar will be held to examine Korea’s culture and arts policies as well street arts in general. The
seminar will boost understanding of Korean culture and arts. It is a place where we can share the current street
arts trend.
  • Date

        2018. 10. 4. 10:00 ~ 12:00

  • Venue

        Baseurak Hall, Seoul Citizens Hall


2 Seoul Street Arts Festival 2018 International Forum

Subject_ The value of Citizens’ arts experiences and its sharing

n the 2018 International Forum of Seoul Street Arts Festival, participants share collaborative cases of street arts groups that value citizens’ participation work as an important aesthetic element of their own. It is also a place to share examples of overseas and Korean festivals which create new value as public art by collaborating with community. Different stories are introduced: the citizens who are living new lives after their participation in the artistic experience at the Seoul streets arts festival and the artists who became professionals through the festival experience.
  • Date

    2018. 10. 5. 10:00 ~ 13:00

  • Venue

    Baseurak Hall, Seoul Citizens Hall

3 Artist Workshop ▶workshop application (closed)

A street theatre workshop that explores the relationship between everyday public space ’street’, and artist’s body.
Pierre Pilatte, a ‘1-watt’ Belgian clown who is based in France, will be the instructor.
  • Date

        2018. 10. 2.~ 10. 3 14:00 ~ 19:00

  • Venue

        Baseurak Hall, Seoul Citizens Hall

  • Participants

        20 artists and students who are interested in play using their bodies in public spaces


4 Publication of street arts review collection

In order to review performances of the Seoul Street Arts Festival and to strengthen the theoretical basis of the
street arts field, as well as to promote the development of street arts creation environment, a collection of street art
review has been published since 2016. Its purpose is to present different point of viewers and street art through
the deep and delicate sight of professional writers such as street arts critics and festival artists.
  • Date

        scheduled to be published in the end of October 

Networking Program

1 Professional Registration 

The professional registration of Seoul Street Arts Festival 2018 provides Street Arts professionals of Korea and overseas and artist who visited the festival with a variety of performances, feature program information and encourages active networking among the professionals. 
  • Date

        pre-registration : 9.18 - 9. 28  16:00 / onsite registration : 10.4 - 10. 7  10:00 - 20:00

  • Venue

        Artist Lounge

2 Artist Lounge

The Artist Lounge is a networking space created for artists, officials and professionals participating in Seoul
Street Arts Festival 2018. Registered professionals can enjoy a relaxing break in the lounge located in the main
square of the festival. The lounge also provides the festival information as well as specialist program information.
  • Date

        2018. 10. 4. ~ 10. 7. / 10:00~20:00

  • Venue

         Seoul Plaza

3 Networking Party

The Networking Party will decorate the festive night with the artists participating in the Seoul Street Arts Festival 2018 and professionals from the street arts field. In a free and relaxed atmosphere, participating artists and festival related practitioners will be able to build network. The networking party intends to revitalize and develop the street arts festival even more. 
  • Date

        2018 10. 6. 22:00~25:00

  • Venue