We Want (ON VEUT) Ktha comapnyCooperation Program Performance

Telling you right in the eyes all what we want.

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Date Time Place RunningTime Address MySchedule
09.30(Sat) 16:30 Hwangudan/Seoul Finance Center 40min.
  • 09.30(Sat)
09.30(Sat) 21:20 Hwangudan/Seoul Finance Center 40min.
  • 09.30(Sat)
10.01(Sun) 17:00 Hwangudan/Seoul Finance Center 40min.
  • 10.01(Sun)
10.01(Sun) 21:20 Hwangudan/Seoul Finance Center 40min.
  • 10.01(Sun)

About Program

WE WANT, it is a list of claims. A huge list of all what we want, Everything, List everything we want. And tell it to you, looking you straight in the eyes


Telling it to be sure to not forget anything, to think together, to remember again  and again that it is important, what we want. To feel together, a bit more.

WE WANT, is a performance very different each time.

Never the same, for real.

Around the fire, in open country, on the landing of a building, solo, with 4, 10, 30, 100 performers, howled from the horizon or whispered in the ear, continuously, at  dawn or in the middle of the night, in the forest or downtown. 


*Sponsored by: French Embassy in Korea


ktha is a french theatre company, based in Paris. It works in France and Europe Mainly, but also in other parts of the world (Chile, Japan, Cambodia, Marocco, Turky, Brazil, Canada...) Its performances are always designed for urban locations (freight-containers, behind a moving truck, stadiums, parking lots, the roofs of buildings, metro stations…)
Since its beginning, ktha has developped a form of theatre in which the actors address their texts directly to the audience, with unflinching eye contact. A personal theatre about intimacy, speaking about the immediate contemporary world, from here and now.

A performance made by : 
David Aubé, Elvire Beugnot, Cécile Bock, Chloé Chamulidrat, Marie-Julie Chalu, Laura Cros, Anastasia Daniele, Emilie Fau, Suzanne Gellée, Michael Ghent, Marie Gosnet, Anissa Kaki, Solenne Keravis, Laetitia Lafforgue, Yann Le Bras, Guillaume Lucas, Lear Packer, Yoli Qii, Youna Sevestre, Abdoulaye Seydi, Mahamadou Sissoko, Patrice Tesseyre, Nicolas Vercken, Romain Verstraeten-Rieux.
Director : Nicolas Vercken
Performer :  Youjin Na, Seonghyeon Paik, BETUL ZUNBUL, Yeonjoo Lee, bomi Jeong, Dongkyun Choi, jaeei Ha
Translation and inspection of scripts : Hyunji Jung
interpretation : Narae Choi